Trainer Mentorship Course

In July 2016, the studio I worked at decided to move locations and that was the perfect time for me to open a 1600 sq. ft. facility in the heart of Denver. That's when I learned that I was passionate about training trainers to build a business, master online training, and open their own studio.  

Soon after, I built this 8 week mentorship program to train trainers in our studio in Denver, Co. It is now available to you as a team member at Fit Life Champions or in the studio of your choice anywhere in the world!

Course Syllabus

Welcome Unit!

Each week, we will provide simple systems you will need to scale your business from 1 client to 1,000!

Unit 1- Niche Specific Marketing

Why do you need to get specific with your niche! Your niche will initiate all of your systems!

Unit 2: Find Your Purpose

How to discover your BIG WHY that will get you to leap out of bed every morning!

How to Build a Business and Find Clients

How to Build a Sustainable Business

Marketing for Personal Trainers

Getting Your Clients Quick Results

How to Take Your Business Online

Take it to the Next Level

"I am getting deep into the content and already am excited about the new light bulbs I am having! This is so in depth and specific it is incredible! I just had my first potential nutrition client meeting and the main topic of conversation, in general, was WHY. Purpose is so powerful and I am so thankful that you helped open my eyes to that! I felt so passionate behind my “product” and why I am a coach it didn’t even feel like I was “selling” anything just talking about what I am passionate about and why!" — Jess Vaughan, Owner Fierce Phoenix

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