Online Training Program

Join Fit Life Champions, a tribe of over 400 clients that want to make a change! This one-week trial workout program provides you with three workouts this week with videos showing you the best exercises to help you enjoy a better, healthier life while reaching your fitness goals!

Imagine how good you're going to feel by having your own personal trainer to give you the knowledge, tools, and accountability needed to maximize your time in the gym in order to show up in life as your best self.

Join clients from across the country on a once weekly group call where you can ask us ANYTHING!

Also, email us at once per week with your top three questions included in your membership!

Course Syllabus

Month 1 - Build Lean Muscle

Our number one goal of this initial phase is to build quality lean muscle mass so that we can progress further down the road on your fitness journey! Our goal is to keep you safe while you are beginning a strength program!

Month 2 - Strength

Month 3 - Strength & Endurance

Month 4 - Muscle Building

Month 5- Strength

Month 6- Strength Endurance

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