Body Weight Warrior Workouts

The coaches at Fit Life Champions have created mobile friendly, convenient, body weight workout programs you can complete anywhere, anytime.  

When you sign up for our monthly membership program, you will get 15 new workouts per month that can be completed with no equipment, limited space, and in about 30 minutes.

You will get access to: 

  1. A weekly coaching call to ask specific fitness and nutrition questions.  
  2. A private facebook community where they can ask any question, anytime and our community members will help you find the best resources.  
  3. When you workout consistently, you will have more energy, more confidence, less stress, and see your body change quickly while exercising safely.  
  4. You will have all the energy you need to play with your kids, perform at work, and enjoy your hobbies and active lifestyle!

Course Syllabus

Body Weight Warrior Month 1

Welcome to the only go-anywhere, do anytime workout program you can have with you at all times with no equipment needed!

Body Weight Warrior Month 2

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Body Weight Warrior Month 3

Includes shadow boxing, meditation, kickboxing, breath work guest instructors, and more!

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